♠JBS Butt Weight Bolt

♠JBS Butt Weight Bolt
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Steel & Plastic weight bolt

♠JBS weight bolt

It is a headless weight bolt.
There are two types of materials: plastic and steel, and a total of six kinds weights.
The weight of the headless weight bolt can be adjusted by combining two or more weight bolt simultaneously depending on the desired weight selection.
The weight bolt must be tightened all the way until it is completely assembled.
If there is a weight bolt in the middle where the weight bolt goes in, a sound will be heard when struck.
The wrench used must be a 6mm hex wrench with a length of 20cm.

-Steel: 12g, 28g, 56g
-Plastic: 2g, 5g, 10g
(※ Please note that plastic weight bolts may be damaged during assembly and detachment.)










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